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QAC-DC can be used in what electrical appliances?
Hello, you can apply to a variety of AC mains power supply system, power industry, instrumentation, industrial control, communications equipment, medical industry and other fields have important applications. The series power supply has the advantages of wide input voltage range, AC and DC, high efficiency, high reliability, low power consumption and safe isolation. Products meet ENERGY STAR standards, EMC and safety regulations to meet the country 1 IEC61000, UL60950 and IEC60950 standards, through the UL, CE, medical and other certification.
QProduct anti-group pulse interference capacity can not meet customer requirements how to do?

Our AC-DC products are designed to consider the requirements of group pulse, bare metal test and increase the external circuit test can pass the level is not the same, bare metal testing generally meet the EN61000 test standard 3, the special model to the model technology Manual instructions. If the customer needs a higher level of the request, the proposed reference to our technical manual.

QWhy the product work in the no-load or light load will be howling?
Reason: In order to improve the efficiency and standby power consumption of the product under low power conditions, AC-DC products work in the skip cycle mode under light load condition. At this time, the product is in frequency conversion mode (normal working period is 65KHZ or 100KHZ), the output voltage The variation is relatively large, the ripple is relatively high, but the output voltage is stable.
Solution: In the light load (less than 10%) ripple is a normal phenomenon, such as to avoid the emergence of the situation, it is recommended that customers use the load of not less than 10%.
QHow to judge the MOSFET field effect is good or bad?
Adjust the multimeter to the diode stalls. Positive pole pen connected to the S side. And then the negative table pen touched g, d ends.Look at the transformer shows a voltage drop of the diode to prove that the MOSFET is in good condition.
QWhat is the role of MOSFET in the switching power supply?
Switching power supply is the principle of alternating current frequency into DC, and then convert DC into high frequency AC, through the switching transformer, feedback regulator and other processes into the voltage you need, through rectification, filtering, and then converted into DC The process, and MOSFET throughout the process through its continuous opening and closing, so that high-voltage DC into high-frequency AC process.
QWhy does the MOSFET drive the circuit?
In the high-speed switching, MOSFET switching loss is very large, with the drive circuit can reduce the MOSFET switching losses.